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Estate Sales Services

Americana Estate Services is a fully licensed estate liquidation company. We service estates in Treasure Valley & Surrounding Areas. Our Estate Sales Services include:

  • Free in-home estate evaluation & consultation
  • Collect item to be sold, organize & display them in a logical and tasteful manner
  • Provide marketing of the pending estate sale (advertise in webpages, print signs, and communicate information to over 40k potential customers)
  • Provide security during an estate sale, assist during the estate sale
  • Remove unsold items according to your wishes. Typically by donation, or sold to a wholesaler
  • Valuable items can be auctioned or placed on consignment (ask about these services)
  • Arrange for trash removal if needed or requested
  • Provide inventory and summary of sales
  • Provide cashier's check within 72 hours from of completion of the sale


You don't need to have a mansion to hold an estate sale, anyone can do it. Americana Estate Services handles all types of estates. Some homes have general household items while others have high-end antiques, collectibles, and family heirlooms.



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About Us

We are a professional company and we help make the process of liquidating an estate a little more bearable. It's not easy to let go of things and it's not always your first or favorite option. But, if it is unavoidable, then we can help. Having gone through the process ourselves, we understand that it's not easy fixing a price on something that has sentimental value. Our Team can help you through it - we are efficient, professional, and compassionate.

 Estate Sales Services


 Estate Sales Services


Items We've Sold in the Past

Antiques, jewelry (fine & costume), Diamonds & Gemstones, Clocks, Pocket Watches, Collectibles, General Household Contents, kitchen items, household décor, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, Clothing, Coin Collections, Valuables, Artwork, Rock Collections, Farm Equipment, Vintage Toys, Garage Items, New and Old Tools, Gardening Items, Furniture, Baseball Cards, Ephemera, Military Collectibles, Guns, Knives, Swords, pottery, rugs, sculptures, Native American artifacts and more.